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Innovations in Accounts Receivable Financing

Financing a rapidly growing company can often present unique challenges-

A company can be growing “too fast” for a Line of Credit loan limit to keep up with sales growth, the company may simply not have the necessary track record yet, or can be in an industry like construction that can be difficult to finance.

Recent developments in the accounts receivable, or asset-based financing industry can often provide a unique solution to these challenges.

Small companies have traditionally been difficult to finance, but a new program provides financing for as-needed, or “spot” invoice financing for individual invoices up to $10,000. Due to the on-line nature of this program, costs and timeframes for this new program are surprisingly low. Call us for details on this new program!

Construction contractors have traditionally been a challenge to finance, even for most A/R companies. We work with several niche programs that can help address this much needed cash-flow assistance for contractors. An example is the $600K receivables line we recently helped establish for a $10M framing contractor that needed occasional cash flow assistance while waiting for progress payment billings to be paid.

Newer companies can be especially well-suited for AR financing– including Purchase Order financing for fulfilling big new orders. Recent fundings include a fast growing LED lighting manufacturer, who needed a $200K AR line to keep up with their increasing sales growth. We are also helping several brand-new companies establish purchase order and AR financing to support their growth. These include a custom gun manufacturer and a sporting goods distributor with a Chinese supplier.

Established companies can also benefit from AR financing when they see a large, rapid increase in sales growth that requires raising short-term capital quickly to meet immediate needs. We are currently working with an audio equipment manufacturer, a T-shirt printer, and several food distributors to help fund their recent rapid growth.

When you need financing for your fast growing business, please give us a call!

Tim Robertson                   Robertson Working Capital, Inc.          619-403-6622


Business Owners: Increase Your Sales and Profits With Customer Financing

Why Offer Financing?

-Increase Sales Revenue

-Attract New Customers

-Stand Out From Competition

New service provides a unique Point-of- Sale resource for businesses interested in offering financing for their customer sales.

One application, one credit report, full-spectrum approvals for all credit grades

Loan Amounts from $500 to $10,000

($25,000 for Home Improvement)

-Low Interest Rates

-Loan Terms 12-60 months

-0% Promotions for 6-24 months

-Low Discount Merchant Discount Rates

-Easy Customer Access for Application from Any Device

-Paperless Application Process, instant decisions

-Co-Branded Merchant Application Site


Approved Industries:

-Consumer Goods (Furniture, Bicycles, Electronics, etc.)

-Automotive Service & Repair

-Home Improvement (HVAC, Kitchen & Bath, Roofing, etc)

-Medical Devices (Hearing Aids, Powered Wheelchairs, Chair Lifts, etc)

-Medical Services (Dental/Ortho, LASIK, Veterinary, Cosmetic Surgery, etc)


For more information, please contact Tim Robertson at Robertson Working Capital                619-403-6622

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