Business Acquisitions

Business Acquisition Financing

Considering buying a business? We can help!

We work with a network of excellent lenders including banks and non-bank SBA preferred lenders who can get your deal done when traditional lenders might stumble.

Our lenders focus on your unique considerations, and can give more weight to experience and cash flow rather than focusing on collateral.

This bigger credit box enables us to help you close your deal nationwide, up to a maximum of $5 million.

Here are some examples of recent business acquisition deals funded by our lenders:

$2 million .       CPA firm, with just 10% down payment

$1 million          Electrical contractor acquisition (over the holidays!)

$800,000          Car wash with commercial real estate

$3 million        Hotel purchase

$1.3 million      Beer & wine store with real estate

$3 million         Trucking company

$353,000          Screen printing company

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